Adroit Digital: Holiday Shopping Moms Go Mobile

Market research and media firm Adroit Digital has determined that 71% of moms in the United States will be responsible for 75% or more of all gift purchases this holiday season and that 32% plan to do 60% or more of all their holiday shopping online with mobile devices becoming more prominent in their purchasing plans.

In a survey of 1,000 North American moms across three generations, Millennial, GenX and Boomers, the “For Moms, It’s a Digital Holiday” study looked at shopping behaviors and identified a consumer ready to purchase quickly in a shortened holiday season, if provided with the right terms.

“We set out to understand moms’ holiday shopping plans and to identify the role tablets and mobile devices will play in their purchase journey,” said Scott German, Adroit Digital general manager. “To win this holiday season, retailers would be wise to pay special attention to moms’ plans to shop more online and from their mobile devices in particular. By presenting online discounts and focusing their efforts on the mobile web, they can influence purchase behavior even during one of their rarer in-store visits.”

Among the survey findings, according to Adroit Digital:

When shopping in-store, 56% of moms related that they would use their mobile device to locate a discount or coupon, while 50% said they would check prices against an online retailer and 42% said they would check prices at another nearby retailer. 

At the same time, 25% of moms surveyed said they would visit the same online retailer six times or more before purchasing this holiday season. 

As regards shopping methods, 21% of moms surveyed said they would do 50% or more of their online holiday shopping this season from a tablet or smartphone, with the numbers even higher for 18- to 24-year-old millennial moms, at 31%, and 25- to 34-year-olds at 25%. 

A significant majority of mom survey respondents, 62%, noted that they were prepared to purchase an item the same day after seeing it online or seeing an ad for it. 

If they saw a detail or discount from a favorite online retailer while shopping, 93% of moms said they would make a purchase they may not have otherwise made. 

Exactly half of moms surveyed indicated that they would use the mobile web as opposed to a mobile app when shopping from their smart phone or related device.