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Albing, Everton Form Marketing Research Group

DOVER, PA— Cross-generational housewares purchasing influences will get a close examination in a new collaboration between Millennials specialist Albing International Marketing and Baby Boomer expert Marsha Everton, LLC.

Albing International Marketing founder Robin Albing and former housewares industry chief executive
Everton call the collaboration 

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The AIMsights Group, which offers marketing research, analysis and strategy geared to understanding Millennials and Boomers— the nation’s two largest demographic groups— and how they are influencing each other’s purchasing decisions. 

Albing is a leading housewares industry expert on Millennials and how they live. Some 86 million Millennials, now 18 to 33 years old, are driving the greatest spending growth, according to Albing. Albing has authored several reports including “Millennials at Home” and “Millennials at Home – In The Kitchen.” Albing has also partnered with HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® as the research provider for HomeWorld’s “In Focus” series of online focus group reports.

Everton, prior to establishing her consulting practice, worked for more than 20 years for The Pfaltzgraff Co., rising to the position of president and CEO. Everton also has served as president of the National Tabletop and Giftware Association, as well as on the board of the International Housewares Association.

Everton’s consulting work has concentrated on the 80 million Boomers that control 70% of the country’s disposable income. 

Everton, based here, manages the day-to-day operation of The AIMsights Group, while Albing will serve in an advisory and research development capacity from her base in Flemington, NJ. The AIMsights co-principals previously worked together at Corning Designs.

“I’m excited about using some of the innovative research techniques Marsha has developed to better understand how the different generational cohorts are affecting each other’s decisions,” Albing said.

Everton said the AIMsights collaboration is preparing to launch a new service that “addresses specifically how Millennials and Boomers shape each other’s lives: a functional tool that can be applied directly to a business plan.”

Albing also noted how Everton’s experience in several channels of business management would drive the creation of new AIMsights programs that apply generational analysis to corporate functions and services beyond product development and marketing, such as financial planning.

“Millennials seek important advice from Boomers on everything from the products they buy to financial and career planning,” Everton said. “Learning is a two-way process, and with the Internet and smartphones, it’s a very different learning model today. We have the tools to show our clients how Millennials and Boomers are learning from each other, what they are learning and how they can use that knowledge to advance their businesses.”