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Anvid Introduces ‘Luna’ Steam Mop With Embedded LED

Anvid Products, makers of Sienna branded steam cleaning products, is introducing a new Luna steam mop at this week’s International Home + Housewares Show. The new unit features a unique new half-moon shaped head design with an LED light embedded in the head that illuminates the cleaning path to better find hidden soiled areas behind and under furniture. The unit’s low profile steam head swivels 180 degrees, while a built-in LED black light germ sensor seeks out problem areas so consumers can deep clean more effectively, uncovering soiled areas that previously may have been missed.

“This products is a ground-up new design for us,” said Frank Gallagher, vp/sales at Sienna. “With the incorporation of a black light into the cleaning head consumers can see, before they clean, which areas need to be addressed. They can then go back after cleaning and see any spots they missed and get the reinforcement that the area has been thoroughly cleaned.”

The new unit features Micro Pulse Technology, which assists the mop across the floor surface, breaking up tough dirt and grime in heavily soiled areas, according to the company. The Micro Pulse Technology vibrates at over 90 vibrations per second providing a scrubbing effect that is said to reduce cleaning time and effort.