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Brand Transformation Driving hhgregg Initiatives

In the aftermath of an executive shakeup, hhgregg has announced that the company is embarking on a brand transformation to better serve and engage customers and communities. It will do so by providing a truly differentiated shopping and purchasing experience, the company stated.

The brand transformation will cover hhgregg’s 228 stores and its web-based operations, the company stated.

The launch of the initiative, which officially kicked off yesterday, featured an updated hhgregg logo, enhancements to the company and brand purpose, and a new series of national television commercials, the retailer reported. The initial commercial in the series is “Boxes,” a piece hhgregg developed to provide a human touch to the process of purchasing big ticket items such as a new large screen TV or kitchen appliances, the company related.

In addition to TV advertising, marketing support for the brand transformation includes radio, expanded digital and social media, store-level activities, community engagement initiatives, online promotions, social sharing contests, giveaways, and public relations campaigns.

On the operational side, the initiative includes new tools for associates developed with the goal of enabling them to provide customers with exceptional shopping experiences before, during and after their purchase. To enhance the customer experience, hhgregg noted that it has developed systems that deliver online product research, referrals and shopping options as well as what it calls “white glove” delivery, installation and service.

An evolutionary omni-channel product-related push will incorporate in-store experiences devised with vendors to showcase their products and technology, the retailer pointed out. The effort will focus on rapidly advancing categories such as home appliances, TVs, and home theater.

In a complementary effort, hhgregg maintained that it would boost community engagement by enhancing its commitment to enrich the communities where its associates and customers live.

“Our brand transformation is the foundation for our differentiation from other retailers,” said Dennis May, president and CEO for hhgregg, in announcing the brand transformation initiative. “By eliminating pain points that most often frustrate customers buying large appliances, electronics, furniture and similar items from big box and DIY retailers, we can help bring the joy back to making these purchases and create lifelong customers. Flawless execution and customer service before, during and after each purchase will be the focus of the entire organization. In addition, our supplier partners will play an important role in this transformation as we’ll work hand in hand to ensure that we’re presenting consumers with the newest technologies available.”

Julie Lyle, chief marketing officer at hhgregg, added, “This is not just an advertising campaign or a simple change in taglines; this is a brand transformation encompassing everything from our company culture, to our product selection, to our customer service. This is a long-term endeavor central to the core of our organization, from store associates to the CEO.”