DeGeneres Plans Product Line, Including Home Merchandise

Entertainer Ellen DeGeneres and J. Christopher Burch, founder of C. Wonder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, have announced the formation of a joint partnership to create and sell E.D., a new collection designed by DeGeneres. E.D. will offer an array of product in categories including home, ready-to-wear, accessories, and pets.

The initial launch will be of home items for Holiday 2014, with a full collection launch to follow at retail for Spring 2015.

“I’m so excited to work with Chris and our incredibly talented team on this new venture,” DeGeneres said as part of the announcement. “I’ve always wanted to launch a line of home goods, clothing and accessories. I already get to be inside people’s living rooms with my show. Now I get to be in their kitchens, in their beds, and in their pants. Wait. That’s not what I meant.”

The partners will develop and launch a web site in conjunction with the collection launch. They plan distribution through wholesale and retail channels, as well as direct to consumer.