Lifetime Expands Fieri Brand Into Cutlery

Lifetime Brands is adding cutlery to its Guy Fieri licensed cookware and kitchenware program at this year’s International Home + Housewares Show. In addition, the celebrity chef’s booth space will be  almost double the size of last year’s, providing Fieri’s kitchen program with more exposure as well as expanded assortments in its current categories.

The addition of the cutlery license gives Lifetime Brands access to all kitchenware categories with Fieri’s brand, the company said, adding to the Fieri branded program at retail.

“We’ve actually been noticing that our retailers are starting to do endcaps with mixed categories with the same brand,” said Alanna Mazeika, vp/business development for cutlery and cutting boards at Lifetime. “We can put all those categories under one brand; we see that opportunity under Guy.”

The Guy Fieri cutlery license was held by Ergo Chef until December 2012. Lifetime took over the license for 2013 and will be showing five new cutlery assortments developed with Fieri’s input. The lines feature different pricepoints and features, said Mazeika. Each has a different focus to help reach Fieri’s vast fan base. “He really reaches so many different genres of people,” she said.