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Linon Introduces Pet-Inspired Floor Cushions For People

The line between pet products and home furnishings has blurred as the entrance of kathy ireland World Wide and the creation of a new product segment, doggie décor attests. However, a new line of freestanding cushions from Linon Home Decor suggests that the boundary’s erosion will allow inspiration to flow past in both directions.

On the one side, more consumers are interested in pet products that coordinate with their décor. However, on the human furniture side, Linon took inspiration from a pet product to create a new line of scaled up cushions that can be used for casual seating and, in a kid’s case, flopping. Roseanne LaRosa, Linon’s product development manager, tried to fulfill a request from her son to find a comfortable place for him to lounge at home. They went to a store, she said, to get an idea of what he had in mind, but the closest product they found to what he had under consideration was a dog bed. So, LaRosa took inspiration and developed the line of cushions that permit kids, and so, inclined adults, to adopt whatever position or contortion they desired while relaxing at home.

The cushion line was part of an array of introductions Linon brought to the Winter Las Vegas Market, with others including a new furniture group and accent furniture.