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Neiman Marcus Reports Security Breach Compromised Customer Data

Neiman Marcus admitted to the Associated Press on Saturday that hackers stole some of its customers credit card payment information and made unauthorized charges over the holiday season. It becomes the second retailer in recent weeks, after Target, to announce it is the victim of such a breach.

Neiman spokeswoman Ginger Reeder told AP that the retailer had been notified in mid-December by its credit card processor about potentially unauthorized payment activity following customer purchases at their stores. On January 1, said Reeder, a forensics firm confirmed evidence that the retailer was indeed victim of a cyber-security intrusion and that an undisclosed number of customer credit and debit cards were compromised. It is undetermined right now whether the two incidents are committed by the same thieves.

“We have begun to contain the intrusion and have taken significants steps to further enhance information security,” Reeder told AP.