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New Maxlight Line Shines More Efficiently

MaxLite, a producer of LED lamps and fixtures, has announced the addition of the LED 15-watt Omnidirectional A19 Lamp in 3000K correlated color temperature to the company’s extensive list of Energy Star qualified lighting products, the company announced. The new product rolls out in a standard medium or a GU24 base that enables easy screw-in installation, MaxLite reported.

The 15-watt Omni replaces a 75-watt incandescent item and yields 80% energy savings, MaxLite noted. The Omni creates soft ambient lighting with substantial efficacy and long life, the company stated, adding that it comes in the Energy Star 3000K and also a 2700K color temperatures version generating up to 1,100 lumens. The LED lamp has a 4100K color temperature version as well.

The LED Omni lamp replicates the effect of an incandescent bulb’s 300-degree beam angle, delivers consistent light from the socket base and above in all directions, MaxLight noted, and it is dimmable down to 10% on a wide variety of control systems.

The lamp incorporates a multi-layered smooth and tapered heat sink that maximizes lumen maintenance and LEDs engineered with a proprietary solid aluminum housing for thermal heat protection. The combined result is cool operation and long lumen maintenance, MaxLite asserted.