Nice-Pak Develops Grime Boss Cleaning Assortment

Nice-Pak Products, Inc., has applied knowledge earned in healthcare disinfecting to develop Grime Boss, a line of wipes and a sweeper that attack household dirt with power and speed, according to the company. It developed the Grime Boss line to satisfy the consumer who needs fast, convenient solutions that clean deep and disinfect, Nice-Pak asserted.

“Grime Boss products offer higher-end, quick clean products that disinfect, eliminating bacteria and germs, and clean more thoroughly than older quick clean products designed to get the job done fast,” Nice-Pak CEO Robert Julius said in announcing the product line. “The Grime Boss brand is a real game changer for the quick clean market. These same products are used in hospitals and industrial settings, so they have a track record of superior performance, and we are now bringing them to the home.”

The Grime Boss product line includes Touch Screen wipes, Stove Cleaning wipes, Scrubbing Household Disinfecting wipes, Multi-Purpose Disinfecting wipes, Kitchen Surface Sanitizing wipes, Heavy Duty Cleaning wipes, Furniture wipes, Glass & Multi-Surface wipes, Wet Floor Mopping cloths, and Microfiber Dry Sweeping cloths, as well as a heavy duty stainless steel floor Sweeper with a height-adjustable, comfort grip handle.

The Grime Boss brand has launched in the United States at Bed Bath & Beyond, Nice-Pak noted.