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Rolf Glass Debuts Six New Glassware Designs

Rolf Glass has announced six new glassware designs to its lineup. The new glassware collections, intended for cocktail, wine and entertaining, feature designs that provide a nostalgic flair as well as nautical designs.

Rolf’s Mid-Century Modern Collection is a functional, elegant mixed design said to embody everything for the home bar. The consumer can mix and match his or her glass styles and sizes to showcase their skills as a mixologist. The line is available in cocktail, coupe, martini and winetini glass shapes.

RG Elite, the premium division of Rolf Glass, announced Vienna glassware, which features engraving into cased crystal available in either butterscotch or smoke blue colorways, in double old fashioned glass sizes. Vienna is mouth-blown cased glass made in Mexico, diamond-wheel engraved, and mechanically polished in Pennsylvania. The deep geometric design is carved into the heavy glass base, giving the colored bowl the perfect place to transition back to clear glass, according to the company. It is reminiscent of the Mad Men era.

Rolf Glass’s new Anchorage design features a knotted rope encircling a tilted ship’s anchor. This subtle detail is said to bring to life this time-honored symbolism of both hope and steadfastness, according to the company. Deep, sand-etched detailing is hand applied to this clear, bright Slovakian imported glassware. It is available in whiskey glass, cooler, and pitcher. 

Rolf’s Octopus design is a mythical symbol of the sea is said to inspire grace, strength, tranquility and mystery. It is available in a large wine glass, double old fashioned, red wine tumbler, and white wine tumbler. The new Octopus glasses are dishwasher safe and 100% made in America. More shapes will be added to the collection, including a beer mug and 15-ounce tumbler.

Rolf’s new Whale design features one sperm whale floating above the spirited waves. The whale is symbolic of strength, spirituality and protection, according to the company. It is featured in a large wine glass, cooler, double old fashioned, red wine tumbler and white wine tumbler. More shapes will be coming soon, including a beer mug and 15 ounce tumbler. It is dishwasher safe and 100% made in America.

Rolf’s new Olive design features a lone olive branch that bends delicately toward the ground in this organic design. First seen in ancient Greece, the olive branch has long been a symbol of peace and understanding, according to the company. It is featured in a 14-ounce double old fashioned glass. It is the newest addition to Rolf Glass’s Botanical Collection.