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Sherwood Debuts With Dual Brand Strategy

Sherwood Marketing is making its formal debut at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago this week. The company, founded in fall of 2013, will be introducing two brands in the small kitchen appliance sector at the show: 3 Squares and Sherwood Housewares.

3 Squares is a brand designed to help consumers get just that, three square meals. Its “simple, fun, food,” according to the company. Available in both white and black/stainless steel, the 3 Squares product launch will include a toaster, rice cooker, electric kettle, pressure cooker, food processor, food dehydrator and more.

The definitive item in the line, according to the company, is the 3 Squares Rice Cooker, boasts programmable slow cook and steam functions, a quinoa function including specialized programming to “toast” the grain prior to cooking and a yogurt that is programmed to heat milk, cool it then “cook” the yogurt all in one device.

The company’s Sherwood Housewares brand is designed to, “overcome the frustrations consumers have in common products with technological innovation,” according to the company. The Sherwood Housewares launch will include a milk frother, electric kettle and more.

The Sherwood Milk utilizes a mechanical spindle to drive a frothing or stirring attachment within the milk. However, this creates an area that is not waterproof, or milk-proof in this scenario, leading to difficult cleaning and a high instance of mechanical failure. The Sherwood product circumvents this with a magnetic inductive drive to spin the frothing attachment through the aluminum vessel with no need for direct contact. The vessel therefore can remain flat and complete. The Sherwood frother also includes intelligent programming to eliminate the need for multiple attachments, an improved lid and higher quality heating.