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SiliconeZone Expands Food Prep, Baking Accessory Lineup

SiliconeZone is expanding its line of silicone products with three new product collections this year:  Chocochips chocolate molds, Sillypop lollypop molds, and the Piggy collection of food prep items.

Designed to create thin chocolate slices, the company’s new line of silicone chocolate molds are meant to make decoration for cakes, ice creams, muffins and other desserts. Available in a variety of themes from holidays to numbers, the molds are flexible, durable, and easy to clean, the company said. 

Sillypops are silicone molds that are designed to make frozen lollypops. To use, consumers will the cavities with any liquid-based ingredients such as juice, yogurt or syrup with water. Users then place the sticks into the ice pop mold, freeze for several hours and pull out the pops to enjoy, the company said.

The Piggy Collection is being expanded to include a silicone pink-handle, white-head spatula, a pink silicone pig-face shaped cake pan, a flexible silicone cutting board and a silicone pot holder.