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Smith’s Consumer Products Replacing ‘Edgeware’ With New KitchenIQ Brand

Smith’s Consumer Products has developed and registered a new brand under which the company will market its housewares offerings — KitchenIQ— in response to the recent cancellation of its ‘Edgeware’ trademarks by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

In its ruling in response to a complaint filed by Edgecraft, the TTAB panel determined that the ‘Edgeware’ brand was too similar to ‘Edgecraft,’ which had a pre-existing trademark . While the ruling resulted in a cancellation of the ‘Edgeware’ trademark the panel did not impose penalties nor did it require the company to make an immediate change.

In an interview with HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®, Smith’s CEO Dan Glidden indicated the company determined that its best course of action was not to fight the TTAB ruling or drag out its use of the Edgeware brand, but instead to focus directly on clearing its brand issues, establishing its new brand and focusing on its customers.

“We disagreed with the decision and felt strongly about the use of the Edgeware brand, but we decided that the best thing to do was to keep our efforts focused on serving the needs of our customers,” Glidden said.

The new brand is intentionally designed to move the company away from its historic concentration on edge-centric products and pave the way for a broader housewares presence. Glidden noted that the KitchenIQ brand is designed to have a dual meaning; one that plays to the traditional use of the term, the other serving as a kind of acronym.

“On the one hand it relates to the fact that we think customers are smart to buy our products,” Glidden explained. “We also feel that this brand connects to the Innovation and Quality that defines each of our products.”

He noted that the company is currently working to repackage and rebrand its existing product offerings and while a firm timetable has not been established Glidden indicated he expects to begin having newly branded product into the market by year’s end.