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Sound Conditioning Segment Making Noise At Housewares Show

Sound conditioning devices, whether producing white noise or soothing sonorities, will be evident among personal and health care devices on display at the International Home + Housewares Show this year as vendors target consumers who are looking for simple, non-medical methods to fall asleep.

According to sound machine maker Sound Oasis, which cites the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 50 and 70 million adults in the United States suffer sleep disorders. Sleep experts note that noise levels as low as 40 decibels and even a lack of sound consistency in a room can disrupt sleep, which makes sound devices effective even in relatively quiet environments.

Sound Oasis offers a range of products that can help sleep-deprived consumers get their rest. The company produces a clamor-countering product line that includes opening price point sound machines, travel units, large multifunction bedside devices and downloadable “all-night” sound track items, the company noted.

At the Housewares Show, Sound Oasis will debut its entrees into the white noise machine segment. The new product plays back white noise in 10 different variations and has a dual power system. It also can function as a speaker for mobile devices. The new Sound Oasis white noise machine launches through The Sharper Image in April at a $59.99 price, according to the company.

Marpac LLC wants to grab a piece of the sound device market with a product that is fully functional but compact enough for travelers to take along. The Zohne device offers adjustable settings that let users control soothing white noise effects or the sounds of rain, waterfalls and surf via a one-touch selector, the company stated. An easy-to-use slide control lets users customize the tone.

Zohne is an addition to a Marpac product line that already includes the Dohm device, which produces the smooth sound of rushing air. So Dohm produces sound naturally, without using digital loops or recordings. The white noise emitted  effectively blocks sound across a broad range of frequencies, the company asserted. As a result, a uniform blanket of sound that helps with both sleep and concentration masks disruptive noises, Marpac noted. The company’s Marsona 1288A features realistic sounds produced by a high-quality speaker, the company related. User-friendly touch controls make operation simple and LED lights highlight a range of selected sounds.