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Uberlight 9000C Rolls As Reliable LED Advance

Reliable Corp is debuting the Uberlight 9000C SMD LED Task Light, which builds on up and coming lighting technology to create a product that incorporates better-tailored features and superior performance, the company noted. The availability of SMD LEDs, which don’t need a housing and can be built into a light more flexibly, gave Reliable the ability to take a new approach to LED lighting with the 9000C, it pointed out.

The company designed the 9000C around 28 SMD LEDs that can operate at two light settings, 2 watt and 5 watt, providing utility that can make it more effective for detailed tasks. The honeycomb lens that covers the 5-millimeter inset SMD LEDs reduces glare to produce less eyestrain. An additional benefit is that the concentrated light doesn’t leak as much as a previously produced task lights, the company related. For that reason, the 9000C won’t distract anyone in the vicinity engaged in other pursuits.

The Uberlight 9000C’s heavy-duty 62-inch flexible gooseneck allows users to angle the light element in whatever direction is required. A heavy-duty swivel joint unites the product, and users can mount the sturdy C-clamp at the 9000C’s base to any work surface.