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Velata Introduces Ceramic Cutlery

Velata, a brand of “simple, stylish, and social kitchen products,” as related by the company, is launching its Spring/Summer 2014 Catalog featuring Ceramic Knives. The company is introducing the line with an open stock Chef’s knife and a three-piece set.

“After two years of using Velata products in our own kitchen, Heidi and I realized there wasn’t one occasion where we didn’t need a set of ultra-sharp knives to prepare foods,” said Orville Thompson, CEO of Velata’s parent company, Scentsy, Inc. “We are always cutting foods to cook on the Velata Raclette Tabletop Grill, so we are excited to introduce Velata Ceramic Knives– the perfect addition to any kitchen.”

Velata designed the cutlery to be balanced so that the blades do not touch the kitchen surface, and it has a limited lifetime warranty. The set included in the launch is the Naikri knife, designed for thinly slicing vegetables, the Santoku knife, designed for slicing boneless meats and chopping, and the Paring knife, designed for more intricate tasks. The set has a suggested retail price of $120. The Chef’s knife measures 6.7-inches and has a suggested retail price of $65.

The company is accessorizing the line with the Universal Tile Knife Block and the Antibacterial Cutting Mat. The Knife Block features removable plastic rod inserts for secure placement of the cutlery. The Antibacterial Cutting Mat is made of a bendable plant-based material that, after being microwaved for one minute, is said to be 99.9% free of bacteria.