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Weber Survey: Grilling A Positive Experience For Consumers

For the first time in its annual survey, Weber-Stephen Products asked consumers what, if any, emotions or feelings were ignited when firing up the grill. According to the 25th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, the majority of grill owners (56%) feel happy when they fire up the grill. Overall, the act of grilling evokes a range of positive feelings, like relaxation (55%), a sense of accomplishment (29%), excitement (28%) and being adventurous (25%).

According to the survey, grilling equals positive emotions: 64% of grill owners said that grilling is relaxing after a stressful day; 77% of grill owners said grilling is just plain fun; and 75% of grill owners agree that grilling makes a week night dinner a special occasion. Meanwhile, 48% of grill owners said that grilling reminds them of positive memories about growing up and seeing their parents grill.

Other highlights from the Weber GrillWatch Survey included:

  • 70% of people in the U.S. currently own an outdoor barbecue grill.
  • The top four things that grill owners like best about their grill include: ease of use (20%), followed by grill size/capacity (16%), features/materials used (12%) and cooking capability/efficiency (12%).
  • Up five percentage points from last year, 50% of American grill owners said they prefer grilling outside over cooking indoors.
  • 78% of grillers under the age of 35 say they grew up in a grilling household, compared to 43% of grillers 55 and older.