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Active Listening Seminar Program Turns Knowledge Into Action

A 40-year home furnishings industry veteran, Dave Palmer, past president of the San Francisco Mart and past general manager of the World Market Center in Las Vegas, is presenting a new seminar program dubbed Active Listening, he has announced. Palmer is offering the program with Joe Skillin, a marketing and motivation consultant, to help companies benefit from what their employees know.

The program, he advised, is structured to elicit practical, experience-based, company-building ideas from employees at every level of an organization.

Active Listening assembles insights gathered, co-ordinates them and presents them to top management, Palmer noted in a statement announcing the program. Listening sessions at the heart of the program proceed with employee comfort in mind, the statement continued. Palmer and Skillin each sit with a relatively small group of employees— no “bosses” present— to elicit their recommendations for improving internal efficiency and customer service.

Palmer pointed out that active listening helps the company channel what employees know into actionable plans, which can be an advantage over passive or static methods of information collection such as suggestion boxes and worker surveys.