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Adesso Delivers Flexible Options To Dallas

The Dallas International Lighting Market, January 17 to 21, will house a range of products from Adesso that includes some developed to snake their way into consumer hearts. The Alien Desk Lamp and Athena Floor Lamp can throw light in multiple directions and, so, satisfy a range of consumer preferences.

The Alien Desk Lamp arrives in Dallas with two arms and two legs extending from its round torso. Each arm ends in a 3-watt LED light source, which is covered by a clear glass bubble lens. The light can be aimed in any number of directions using 5.5-inch gooseneck sections. Connected oversized shoes at base bottom provide stability and the torso includes an on/off toggle switch. The Alien Desk Lamp can extend from 11.5 inches to 19 inches in height, has a 7-inch width and 5-inch depth. It comes in chrome, lime green or black.

The Athena Floor Lamp offers three shades attached to metal 11.5-inch goosenecks that adjust light direction. Adesso fabricated the PVC shades to resemble Mylar and incorporated a silver reflective lining and fabric band trim. A rotary switch on the pole turns lights on and off.  Each shade takes one 60-watt incandescent or 13-watt CFL bulb. The product height is 67 inches emerging from a 10-inch diameter base A matching 27-inch table lamp has two shades.