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ARC International Develops Luminarc Glassware Brand Campaign

ARC International will feature a cohesive branding statement for its Luminarc brand at its booth at the International Home + Housewares Show. The company will highlight its new packaging concept and imagery from its ad campaign that offers up the brand as a comprehensive resource for glassware products.

“We’ve introduced a concise theme for our packaging. Now when you see our products on the shelf, you will see a cohesive and highly recognizable brand statement for Luminarc,” said Ron Biagi, vp/sales and marketing for ARC.

ARC’s Luminarc new packaging family will feature seven different categories— Drink, Cook, Serve, Dine, Prep, Store and Cheer— each of which will feature the category word that also corresponds with a specific color on the box.

“The advantage is that it immediately tells the consumer what the functionality is of the product. If the consumer is looking for a storage product, our packaging clearly states ‘Store.’ The packaging is very crisp, colorful and will stand out on the retailers’ shelves,” Biagi explained.

 For more on ARC International and Luminarc, see HomeWorld’s February 18, 2013, issue.