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Bedol Water-Powered Alarm Clock Ticks Off Power Outages

With the last couple of weeks on the East Coast in mind, this might be the right time to introduce the Bedol International Group water alarm clock. The company engineered the clock to work without batteries or electricity using the ions found in tap water, it stated.

Bedol touts the clock as ideal in situations when power outages suddenly strike or when natural disasters threaten electrical supplies. The device features a daily or hourly alarm and can be set either as 12-hour or 24-hour clock. The water used to power the clock can last six months or longer and can even be replaced by rain water, Bedol claimed.

The Bedol Water Clock Squirt model actually resembles a small splash of water, the company stated. The product is available in green, purple, charcoal and orange. It is 3.5 inches tall and is 4.5 inches in diameter. Suggested retail price is $26.