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Beka Debuts Clean’ Cooking Fry Pan

Beka’s newly introduced Clean’ Cooking fry pan features an innovative lid design that reduces the splatter and mess associated with frying. The company also designed the pan to avoid producing the soggy results that trapped steam can, it said.

“It may look like just another pan but the Clean’ Cooking fry pan provides a unique way to fry foods without all the mess,” Adelheid Deltour, president of Beka International, said. “Everyone loves the flavors that are produced by frying and searing, but no one likes the clean-up afterwards. This design allows the ventilation needed to prevent steam build up, producing crispier foods without creating a big mess.”

Beka engineers have discovered through scientific data that during frying grease particles escape in a straight line. So, they designed a pan with a gradient that projects grease particles toward the center of the pan. They also created a lid with six small feet around its edge, one that rests on the curved rim of the pan and leaves a gap that allows air to circulate and steam to escape. This design traps the messy spatters inside the pan while producing perfectly fried and seared foods, the company said.

The Clean’ Cooking fry pan comes in a stainless steel construction with an encapsulated aluminum base. Beka offers the product in 9.5-inch and 11-inch diameters and includes removable handles that easily clip on and off for easier storage. It is compatible with all cooking surfaces including induction.