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Bella J. Packs Prizes Inside New Candle Lineup

Developed by entrepreneurs Jennifer Worthington and Jennifer deKlaver, bella j. is a collection of aromatic candles with a surprise inside. Each candle has a piece of jewelry worth between $10 and $10,000 hidden within, bella j. related.

The jewelry comes in the form of charms in silver, gold and diamond pavé, the company stated. In addition, in the rare instance, a bella j. possessor will find a diamond pendant valued at ten grand. So, the product is well positioned for the gift market: It’s prettier and promises a longer term of enjoyment than the typical lottery scratcher but with the same kind of associated bonus in the form of a payout beyond its dollar value.  

The jewelry is contained in a small flame retardant pouch in the wax. As the candle burns down, the pouch will float up to the top and can be removed from the melted wax with tweezers.

The 10.5-ounce candles come in eight colors/scents and are 100% soy paraffin wax made in the United States, the company noted, and bella j. items are priced for a suggested retail of $24.99.