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Bissell Survey Suggests Consumers Need Help With Kitchen Floors

A study released by Bissell indicates that 77% of people in the United States believe their kitchen floors aren’t always as clean as they could be. In addition, one in four admits that their floors are sometimes dirty enough to create sticky surfaces for passing feet.

Kitchen activity plays a role, Bissell said, but that’s compounded by the fact that close to one-third of Americans who clean their floors only allot the time and effort once a week. As a result, 68% say the kitchen floor isn’t always clean enough to prevent embarrassment if guests stopped by, and 77% don’t think that, if they were preparing to show their homes, the floor is always clean enough for a visit from prospective buyers. In addition, 24% of study respondents said the kitchen floor is, at least sometimes, so dirty that they wouldn’t let guests enter the room. Although 58% of Americans saying their kitchen floor is at least occasionally in need of sanitization, many consumers in the U.S. are deterred from doing more kitchen floor cleaning by the time and effort they believe is required to do it right. Indeed, 49%, according to the study, think kitchens take more effort to clean properly than any other room in a home.

“What’s ironic about this situation is that, while many consumers are hyper-vigilant about sanitization outside their homes, they’re forgetting about one large surface they actually have control over, their kitchen floor,” said Leah Haywood, associate brand manager for Bissell. “Plus, our research shows that when they do clean their hard floors, they use a mop which often pushes germs around, or they get down on their hands and knees and scrub! We want people to know that steam mops offer easy, effective solutions for sanitizing floors. Our goal is to help Americans spend more time making memories and less effort cleaning up after them.”

She added, “As many as 82% of Americans perceive steam as an effective tool for cleaning hard floors, but our research shows only a fraction of them realize that steam mops exist. We want consumers to know that Bissell can help them achieve a deep clean with less effort than it takes with a mop and bucket.”