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Bormioli Rocco Shows Tre Sensi Wine Tasting Glass At NY Tabletop Market

Bormioli Rocco unveiled its new Tre Sensi wine tasting glass during New York Tabletop Market at its Forty One Madison showroom. The wine tasting glass, designed in partnership with AIS, the Italian Sommelier Association, was created to bring out the best in each glass of wine, according to Bormioli Rocco.

AIS, founded in 1965, trains professional wine tasters and promotes the culture of good wine, food and Italian and international wine producers. Looking for technical wine tasting stemware that could also meet the new trends in design, AIS turned to their partners of 10 years, Bormioli Rocco to design the wine glass. Tre Sensi is the result of this collaboration.

“Because of our long and successful association with AIS, Bormioli Rocco decided to take up the challenge of designing the Tre Sensi product,” said Patrick Accorsi, Bormioli Rocco’s new vp/sales and marketing, North America.

“After partnering with a designer and the sommeliers, we developed the perfect wine tasting shape. Tre Sensi enhances the bouquet of every type of wine, thanks to the shape of the bowl that provides the wine with the perfect oxygenation and releases flavors to the rim. And its great design makes it also ideal for a modern and elegant table setting,” added Accorsi.

“Tre Sensi allows one to see the purity of the wine color, thanks to the quality of the Bormioli Rocco Star Glass,” said Antonello Maietta, president of AIS. “The bowl width, with its smooth and soft lines, allows efficient wine swirling and fast oxygenation, while the smaller mouth keeps the aroma inside. This well balanced weight also makes Tre Sensi easy to handle.”