Viewpoint : Peter Giannetti, Editor-in-Chief

Depending On Housewares Again

Housewares veterans like to remind everyone how the category historically has been a dependable business, prone to neither steep gains during economic booms nor steep declines during downturns.

Walmart’s Best Defense Is A Stronger Offense

In nominating HomeWorld’s 2017 Retailer of the Year (see the May 22 issue) after a shaky end to 2016 and beginning to this year for many operators, one particularly intriguing example of resilience was hard to ignore: Walmart U.S.

Renew Your License To Drive Sales

The Licensing Expo sets up shop in Las Vegas May 23-25, promising a bounty of brands, characters and entertainment properties ripe for the picking by vendors and retailers.

The Voice Of The People

This space typically is reserved for my views on the housewares business. But, this time, I’m giving someone else a voice.

Rooting For Ron Johnson Again

They might not admit it now, but there were plenty of people in retailing rooting for Ron Johnson after he announced JC Penney’s plan to attract new customers with exclusive brands and experiences that wouldn’t need coupons and one-day sales as the primary bait.

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