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Cost Plus Unveils New Products As Gift Card Temptations

As it competes for return and gift card dollars, Cost Plus World Market is offering new furniture, furnishings and housewares items that incorporate design elements as a value add. At the same time, the introductions are scaled to capture small as well as large purchases.

Among the featured new products the retailer offers is a pair of chairs marked as sales items at $279.99, down from $349.99, and $269.99, down from $329.99, respectively. The first is a Green Tufted Devon Slipper Chair in vivid green while the second is a Pacific Blue Elliott Wingback Chair incorporating nail-head details.

In an e-mail blast announcing the newly arrived product, Cost Plus also offered free shipping on all products in its featured Victorian Isles collection, excepting furniture. Featured items in the collection include the Pacific Blue Elliott Wingback chair as well as the Crosby Sofa Frame, which offers a shelter arm silhouette, large single-seat cushion, two large back cushions and lumbar pillows. It also is presented as sales priced at $300 down from $350.

Cost Plus said the Victorian Isles collection was inspired by a trip to Europe but developed to ensure its antique styling corresponded to modern room décor. The collection offers ornate silhouettes, delicate patterns and lush hues that embellished the sophisticated homes of the Victorian period, the retailer asserted, and integrates elegant curving lines, rich material, carved wood and metal accents.

Despite the fact that the collection centers on furniture, in the email blast, Cost Plus featured much more modestly priced product as well. Examples include decorative Beechwood Bird kitchen utensils, at $3.99 each, Victorian Glass Plates at $5.99 each, and Flower Top Ceramic Vases, starting at $7.99 each. Online, World Market positions new products with a range of associated choices such as Ikat Tumbler Candles for $14.99.