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Design Awards Finalists Are Spreading The Message

Congratulations to the finalists for the 2012 Housewares Design Awards (see story in the November 28, 2011 issue).

Winners in the 12 core awards categories and the Green House category for eco-responsible design will be crowned during the ninth annual luncheon and ceremony, January 31, 2012, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City.

As the original and preeminent competition dedicated to housewares design innovation moves toward its 10th anniversary in 2013, it’s a good time to look back at how the first decade of the Housewares Design Awards has benefited not just finalists and winners, but also the housewares industry as a whole.

HomeWorld Business conceived and launched the Housewares Design Awards program in 1993 with one overriding objective: To raise awareness of the resolute design innovation taking place across all segments of a housewares industry trying to reinforce the useful value of products against intense pressures to devalue pricepoints.

Critical Evaluations

It was a staunch message to be directed first to the industry and its retail customers, then ultimately to consumers making the final and most critical evaluations about what the products are really worth.

The message is spreading.

When the 2012 winners are announced January 31 in New York City, the Housewares Design Awards program will have recognized more than 650 finalists and some 120 winners in its first nine years. The program will have examined nearly 3,000 entries, a collective testimonial on the inventive, confident and passionate design spirit underpinning the industry.

The Housewares Design Awards have helped winners and finalists secure, widen and validate retail placement of their award-winning products.

Meanwhile, an intensive media effort directed by HomeWorld in support of the awards program has reached a combined audience of more than 122 million during the previous four years alone through national and regional print, broadcast and online coverage. 

Traffic Drivers

An expanding social media program and direct links on drive web traffic for winners and finalists. The 2012 finalists will receive specially prepared promotional guides to help optimize their publicity strategies (email with questions about the media campaign).

Influential Catalyst

The International Housewares Association once again provided independent management of the awards judging process. The New York International Gift Fair is sponsoring the competition for the sixth time, this year through its Gourmet Housewares Show division. Top non-stick coatings supplier Whitford Corporation is a first-time sponsor, along with Gourmet Insider magazine, a sister publication of HomeWorld Business. Their contributions are instrumental to the success of the Housewares Design Awards, as is the vision, support and hard work of the HomeWorld Business team.

The widespread endorsement of and participation in the Housewares Design Awards has cemented the competition as an influential catalyst for programs at leading industry trade events and across the retail market proclaiming the added value of innovative design. HomeWorld is proud to provide a conduit for the industry’s ambition to enhance how manufacturers, retailers and consumers value products.

Congratulations to each of this year’s finalists. And to each of the finalists and winners before them. And to each of the companies that will compete in the years to come, as well. They are the real ambassadors for an industry working diligently to achieve that one overriding objective set by the very first Housewares Design Awards competition in 1993.

Continue to spread the message.