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Electrolux: Dust Pickup Top Concern For Consumers Buying Vacuums

The 2013 Electrolux Global Vacuuming Survey identified dust pickup as the single most important factor when buying a vacuum cleaner, cited as foremost by 30% of global respondents. Next most important factor is power/wattage, tops for 16% of consumers surveyed, then quality/durability, most important to 15%.

In terms of national preferences, dust pickup is the most important factor when buying a new vacuum cleaner for 57% of Chinese and 50% of Russians.

Other facts gleaned from the survey:

  • Koreans are the most frequent vacuum cleaners in the world as 11% vacuum several times per day versus the global average of 3%, while another 29% vacuum once a day versus the global average of 13%.
  • Brazil and Portugal lead globally when it comes to time spent when vacuum cleaning, with 22% and 20% of people in the two countries, respectively, spending one to two hours at the task versus the global average of 10%.
  • Colombians top the world list of people who prefer to vacuum in the morning at 82% compared to global average 38%.