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Escali Introduces Taso Mixing Bowl Scale

The all-in-one TASO mixing bowl scale introduction from Escali Scales does double duty. The Escali Taso can measure food content by weight in one mode and gauge common baking ingredients by volume in another.

“We want to combine the best of both worlds, the familiar method of measuring by volume, such as with cups, with the accuracy of measuring by weight,” said Theo Prins, president of Escali. “The volume measuring and all-in-one mixing bowl design creates a unique product for retailers to promote during the upcoming holiday season.”

The new Escali Taso borrows some of its technology from the company’s Pana Baker’s Scale, which uses food codes to help accurately calculate volume measurements of nearly 1,000 baking ingredients. The Taso separates volume measurements into modes for flour, sugar, milk, oil and water, so no food codes need to be entered.

The Escali Taso Mixing Bowl Scale is available for shipping and comes in five colors: Apple Red, Blueberry, Blackberry, Orange and Kiwi Green. It also features a removable, top shelf dishwasher safe mixing bowl.