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Furniture Orders Made 2013 Gains

The accounting and consulting firm Smith Leonard, which reviews the furnishings industry on an ongoing basis, said new orders in October 2013 were 5% higher than new orders in October 2012. In its latest survey of residential furniture manufacturers and distributors, new orders for 2013 from January through October were 6% ahead of 2012 results in that period.

In 2012, from January through October, new orders were up 5% versus the same period in 2011.

New orders gained at 56% of study participants in October, down from 72% reported September, Smith Leonard noted, but it added that the October results might have been affected by the timing of the High Point Market. The biannual show ran later in October 2013 than in October 2012.

New orders were up for 80% of study participants in 2013 from January through October, the same figure as reported last month.