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Ikea Catalog Launch Touts ‘Young Family’ Focus

Ikea launched its latest catalog yesterday at a press event in New York, where it also discussed its theme for the year, All Moments Count, one that might translate into solutions for family living. Along with new product introductions, and the reintroduction of the Stockholm collection that debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in June, Ikea demonstrated new, futuristic features that link its electronic and published catalog.

The latest version of Ikea’s catalog application allows consumers to place the print version on the ground and use the camera feature on a smart phone or tablet to generate an accurate 3-D image of the furniture products the catalogs contain. App users can manipulate images by moving across the room as it appears on the screen or rotate them to determine how an item would suit the actual space. The app, available in Apple and Android versions, functions as long as the catalog remains pictured in the camera viewing screen.

Ikea spokesman Joe Roth said that Ikea wanted to emphasize the functions its products provide particularly in the context of helping families enjoy time together. In the Stockholm line, for example, that translates into a dining table and chairs that fit in a particular way: the table has beveled edges and the arms of the accompanying chairs slant down so the elements fit together tightly when not in use and allow kids to slide up close to the table for meals. This year, Ikea expanded the Stockholm collection beyond its furniture core and into bedroom and dining room products.

Ikea offered several sub concepts under its family- and function-oriented All Moments Count theme:

  • Sharing Everyday Tasks. Doing daily chores together can help families grow, so the company offers the Beckvam stool to enable children to help with the dishes, the Hissmon table where kids can draw as their parents do the bills, even mini kitchen items so those too young to cook can pretend to help their parents and get used to the idea of lending a hand in the future.
  • Sharing Creative Activities. To nurture ingenuity and imagination, and to have fun, Ikea has developed the Cirkustalt children’s tent, a product that can fit into a living room corner, the Stuva storage bench that allows group participation and encourages the habit of cleaning up, the Vissla chair pad, providing comfort and storage space, and even a zigzagging table for crafting and hobby activities that offers continuity but also individualized sections providing any children using it their own space.
  • Sharing Time and Space. Families can foster togetherness even when doing nothing but watching TV on the Soderham sectional sofa, which includes lounge, chair and corner pieces that create zones  so everyone can find a snug space.
  • Sharing A Cause. Children can learn about responsibility and keeping things organized as they learn to recycle with the Sortera collection of storage products or they can witness how to save energy by helping switch out conventional with Ledare LED light bulbs.