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Ikea Donates Starter Kits To Support Local Youth

To support local youth in transition from foster care, Ikea has donated 110 starter kits filled with Ikea products to at-risk kids leaving the foster care system in California’s Kern County and facing the real world for the first time. The starter kits included sheets, a comforter, pots and pans, towels and other in-home necessities.

The donation was part of the county’s “Independent City” event held at Bakersfield College. The event included independent living sessions for the participants, and an Ikea representative spoke at an employer panel and provided teenagers with guidance on applying for their first jobs as adults.

“To be able to help young people establish a comfortable and welcoming home for themselves is a great fit with our vision and our business idea. Ikea is happy to be able to support these young adults and we hope it makes a difference in their lives,” said Martin Grieder, distribution manager of the Ikea Tejon distribution center in Lebec, California.