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Ikea, Team To Launch MyStyleFinder For The Home

In collaboration with Ikea,, a digital shelter magazine published by Livingly Media, has announced the launch of MyStyleFinder, a customized first-to-market quiz feature designed to help consumers identify design aesthetics for their homes.

The MyStyleFinder Quiz is a feature where consumers will answer approximately 15 questions on the subject how they use their homes, and are asked to select their preferred style when presented with mulitple sets of interior design photos. Responses are then calculated and used to match the user to one of eight aesthetics/design “personalities,” ranging from “Industrial Chic” to “Rustic Romantic” and “Boho Bravura.”

“Lonny is dedicated to inspiring our readers by showcasing creative and attainable design ideas,” said Tony Mamone, CEO and co-founder, Livingly Media. “MyStyleFinder organically takes this engagement to a whole new level, allowing us to hone in on each of our readers’ individual aesthetics and then present them with the option to purchase products in that same style. We are virtually handing them the tools they need to make their dream home a reality.”

After determining his or her MyStyleFinder Quiz results, the user is then directed to a gallery of inspirational photos that corresponds with their aesthetic/design “personality.” Each gallery includes images from the Lonny archive, accompanied by recommended IKEA products and ideas of the same aesthetic with links to purchase.