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Industrial Design Infringement Ruling Arrives In Trudeau’s Favor

The Federal Court of Canada recently ruled in favor of Trudeau Corp. by rejecting the claim of industrial design infringement made by Bodum USA and PI Design, a case filed in February of 2007, Trudeau announced. The court also invalidated Bodum industrial design registrations Nos. 107,736 and 114,070 covering the configuration of double-walled glasses and found that Trudeau branded products were dissimilar and did not infringe Bodum’s industrial designs.

The court awarded Trudeau costs in the action. Although Bodum and PI Design had filed a Notice of Appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal, they abandoned their case on March 22. 

“Bodum has always taken great pride in designing and producing unique, original products for our customers and makes every effort to protect its designs and other intellectual property. While Bodum has accepted the court decision, it will not change Bodum’s determination to protect our designs which have been the foundation for Bodum’s business success over the past 70 years,” said Thomas Perez, president of Bodum USA, Inc.

“It is an important victory for our company,” said Charles Harari,vp/corporate affairs for Trudeau. “We were always convinced that our products were different and did not infringe on any existing industrial design.

“We will not hesitate to defend ourselves against claims that we consider are unmerited nor pursue companies that infringe upon our intellectual property. Trudeau invests substantial funds and energy in the development of new products, values its intellectual property and respects all valid existing intellectual property rights.”