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Kamenstein Builds Targeted Spice Rack Program

Lifetime Brands’ Kamenstein division has added a new targeted spice rack program in an effort to build the brand’s presence on retail shelves and offer consumers a more defined spice assortment for specific demographics and culinary preferences. In addition, Kamenstein is touting its five-year spice refill guarantee with rack purchases.

The new targeted spice racks the company has introduced include a spice rack for the Hispanic cook as well as a rack with spices that are considered to have nutritional and health benefits.

“We sell spice racks with filled bottles, and we want to appeal to different consumer tastes in cooking,” said Peter Kamenstein, chairman of Lifetime Brands’ Kamenstein division. “The Fulton Revolving Spice Rack with Latin Spices, for example, takes the most popular seasonings in the Hispanic market and presents them in a nice, neat package.”

Kamenstein is communicating the unique attributes and focus of the new spice racks through packaging.

“A prominent label on our packaging will identify the main purpose of the rack and talk about each individual spice that is packed in there, including health attributes and benefits, for example, on the Healthy Spice Rack,” said Kamenstein.

The Spice Up Your Health Rack features 12 spices that are antioxidant-rich, according to the company. Spices include parsley, rosemary, cinnamon, oregano, fennel, cumin, sage, ginger, turmeric, garlic, crushed red pepper and chili pepper.

For more on Kamenstein’s spice rack program, see HomeWorld’s December 10, 2012, issue. In this issue, HomeWorld also features the annual category-by-category 2012 Year In Review of the housewares industry, plus the Home Entertainment Report, a consumer survey on RTA furniture and electronics preferences.