KitchenAid Introduces Customizable Facebook Recipe Tab

KitchenAid has rolled out a new, tailored approach to serving up recipe content for its social community— specifically for those who own or are considering KitchenAid products. The brand’s new Facebook recipe tab allows users to search recipes by appliance, available ingredients, courses or occasions.

In addition to recipe filtering, the tab enables recipe sharing among community members and the creation of a “My Recipes” file.

“While KitchenAid would love to offer inspiration to every home cook, our initial focus is providing personalized content to our growing community,” said Beth Robinson, senior manager of brand experience at KitchenAid. “And though we’ll be adding new content continuously, we expect that members will play a huge role in making the tab even more useful and comprehensive.” 

The recipe tab currently houses over 300 recipes from chefs and popular food bloggers with a new, featured recipe to be posted every other week.

Robinson cited two examples of how the tab can be used for highly tailored searches.

“Dessert lovers looking for healthful treats can select the Desserts filter in the Courses & Ingredients category and the Healthy Eating filter in the Occasions category,” she said. “Sports fans using their slow cookers for game-day snacks can find recipes by selecting the Sports Party filter in the Occasions category and the Slow Cooker filter in the Products category.”

Facebook community members can also submit and share their own recipes using the Community Recipes application, bringing an interactive element to the new tab. Members simply submit a recipe form and upload a photo of the dish. For guidance through the process, the tab incorporates a measurement conversion chart and food photography tip sheet.

“In addition to searching hundreds of sourced recipes, home cooks can also test and provide feedback to each other’s dishes, further fueling the already strong culinary conversation happening within our community,” said Robinson.

Additional features of the recipe tab include the My Recipes section, where members can build their own personal collection of favorite dishes pulled from the recipe tab. Members can also rely on the My Uploaded Recipes section that keeps track of each recipe they have shared with the community. In addition to collecting recipes online, members can download, print and share recipes with the larger social media community though their own social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.