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Early Layaway, Gift List Launch Has Wal-Mart Defining Holiday 2012

Tuesday August 21st, 2012 - 1:12PM

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has officially driven the holiday shopping season into summer. The company has announced that it is opening up its Christmas layaway program on September 16.

The retailer said it made the move expanding the program, which continues through December 14, to give families an extra month to stretch their paychecks for the holiday season, but the initiative also furthers a Walmart strategic goal of being the retailer of first consideration for year-end gift giving.

Walmart also has expanded layaway features by:

“Last year, millions of Americans relied on layaway at Walmart to provide a great Christmas for their families. Because of their feedback, we’re offering the service again this year and making it better than ever,” said Duncan Mac Naughton, chief merchandising and marketing officer, Walmart U.S.

In another move to set it as the definer of the holiday season, Wal-Mart established a list of must-have gifts consisting of: