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BIGinsight: Layaway Draws Significant Chunk Of Holiday Consumers

Monday November 19th, 2012 - 4:48PM

A substantial proportion of respondents, 12.3%, to the BIGinsight Monthly Consumer Survey, said they plan to use layaway as part of their holiday shopping strategy. Of that group, only a small portion of the two hard home categories tracked by the market research firm— home décor and furniture— had a layaway propensity, but they remain a significant block of mass-market shoppers.

BIGinsight research also indicated that the discount channel stands to benefit in a big way versus other retail sectors. Among those who have or who intend to pay for gifts in installments, 65.5% plan to use Walmart’s program and 42.2% plan to sign up with Kmart. Toys R Us fills out the top three at 21.2%.

As for categories they plan to purchase over time, layaway fans have varying intentions. According to BIGresearch, more than half of consumers who have a notion to use layaway will do so in electronics. The market research firm’s full breakdown is: