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Midwest-CBK Dresses Up The House For 2013

Monday December 17th, 2012 - 10:14AM

Midwest-CBK's Weekend Retreat Introductions

For winter 2013 markets, Midwest-CBK, LLC has expanded its home décor line, adding 400 new designs. The company’s new Gifts for Home collection has more than doubled the number of designs offered in key segments including lamps and lighting, clocks, and photo frames, Midwest-CBK announced.

The new home décor collections feature a range 
of fresh looks based on current lifestyle, fashion and décor trends, the company stated. Products were exclusively designed by 
Midwest-CBK’s in-studio designers, it added, pointing out that lamps and lighting pieces, photo frames and clocks feature accessible pricepoints, with most items at $30 wholesale or less.

Home décor collections include, according to Midwest CBK: