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iCoffee Makes Cover Of Consumer Reports 'Hot List'

Monday December 9th, 2013 - 9:57AM

The Remington iCoffee coffeemaker has made the cover of Consumer Reports Hot List 2014, the only housewares product to do so. The upscale coffeemaker, which utilizes a combination of steam and tumbling action to deliver added coffee flavor was among three top rated coffeemaker featured in Consumer Reports Lab tests, along witht the Capresso Coffee a la Carte and the Bunn Trifecta.

The iCoffee, was the lowest priced unit of the units featured by Consumer reports, with a listed retail of $170; compared to $180 for the Capresso model and $550 for the Bunn. “This machine did the best overall of the trio and makes the most coffee at a time,” Consumer Reports noted in its Lab test report.

Of the Capresso Coffee a la Carte, CR noted, “If you want something closer to the French-press experience with tea option, this is the model for you. The magazine noted of the Bunn Trifecta that, “Bunn boasts that this machine offers a ‘brew method unlike any you have tried before’.”