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New Knife Block Set Sharpens Kyocera Cutlery Assortment

Kyocera has introduced its first countertop knife block set in the form of a 5-piece set that features a bamboo knife block. Four ceramic knives from the company’s Revolution Series line fill the block: a 3-inch paring knife, 4.5-inch utility knife, 5.5-inch santoku and 6-inch chef’s knife.

“Consumers and retailers have been asking us for a complete knife block set that keeps ceramic cutlery in reach on the countertop for everyday use. This is a testament to the transition of our line from specialty cutlery to kitchen essentials, as well as the strength of the Kyocera brand,” said Erik Reid, general manager of Kyocera Advanced Ceramics.

The bamboo  knife block offers safe and organized storage in a space-saving design, 6.5 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 7.5 inches high. Bamboo is prized for its natural visual appeal, eco-friendly harvesting methods, and ability to wick away moisture. Rubber feet keep the block secure while protecting the countertop. The new knife block features a subtle textural weave that adds an Asian sense of style to a traditional wood block design.

The Kyocera 5-Piece Bamboo Knife Block Set represents an unusual sales opportunity because of the brand’s unique positioning, the company said.  The line is designed to complement, not replace, metal cutlery. Metal cutlery should be used for tasks such as carving, prying and boning. Kyocera ceramic knives are the best choice for fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.  

The new set is covered by Kyocera’s lifetime warranty and complimentary sharpening, at $10 for shipping/handling, on a diamond wheel at Kyocera USA headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA.