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PlaceTile Offers Consumers Means Of Home, Entertainment Messaging

Fits for the Occasion Tiles, a new line of erasable ceramic accent labels, offer consumers interchangeable, magnetically attached motif designs that allow them to change looks based on occasion. The décor product from the PlaceTile company can act as message boards, dinner place cards, to describe food or activities or to provide personalized greetings, among other applications.

Users can personalize each Fits for the Occasion ceramic label tile by simply detaching one motif and attaching a new one. The product comes with 16 different symbols to fit a wide range of themes.

Fits for the Occasion Tiles come in two sizes, six by eight inches and two-and-a-quarter by three-and-three-quarter inches. Suggested retailer price range is from $14.95 to $38.95, depending on product size and style.