PLMA: Women Remain Key To Household Purchasing

A new study commissioned by the Private Label Manufacturers Association and conducted by GfK Custom Research North America demonstrates that, despite changes in society, women still dominate the retail marketplace. Although women’s roles have changed in recent decades, those who act as primary household purchaser take on the overwhelming bulk of the task.

The study included over 1,000 women who were pre-qualified as their household’s primary shopper, PLMA noted.

In the study, two-thirds of women said they still handle much of the grocery shopping. The respondents still take the time to make their decisions with three quarters forming shopping lists and 53% taking time to clip coupons and search for specials.

In addition, seven in 10 of the women responding said cleaning the house is their job and three-fourths noted that they take on the majority of the laundry duties in the home.