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Portable Ninja Standing Desk Moves Smoothly, Executes Tasks Flexibly

Standing desks have become more evident in the marketplace and suppliers keep trying variations to satisfy consumers interested in a more vertical approach to daily tasks. Developed at TechStop, Inc., The Ninja Standing Desk launches as the first portable standing desk, one that even has a sitting option, according to the company.

The Ninja Standing Desk mounts on a any wall, door or other vertical surface. It weighs less than five pounds and stores in a bag the size of a laptop for transport, making it ideal for traveling.

Supports for the hanging desk consist of T9 Military grade anodized aluminum tubing with shock cord, it noted. The product comes in two-shelf pure stand and three-shelf stand or sit models.

TechStop offers the Ninja Standing Desk at a $159 retail price in the two-shelf configuration and $219 in the three-shelf style.