Pouch Keeps Necessities Organized For Frequent Travels

On-the-go consumers today need products they can use at home and take on the road. The Active Accessories’ On-The-Go Accessory Pouch is such a versatile storage item.

The pouch is designed to organize those items women use often but need help, both in terms of memory and carriage, toting outside the home.

The product has as its target audience working women who go from office to workout to evening activities, outdoor exercisers who ride their bikes or jog, and want somewhere to store their phone and keys, and gym go-ers who have take-along needs even when not toting a gym bag.

Also targeted are moms around town, travelers and electronics-focused Preteens and Teens.

Shoppers already can purchase the Accessory Pouch through Amazon.com for $19.95, and the product is ready to launch in other retail quarters, the developer said.