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Prosper: Consumers More Confident, If Not Giddy

Consumer confidence in a strong economy, if not stellar, rose higher than it has in 12 months when it reached 40.6% in early June, according to the Consumer Snapshot study from Prosper Insights & Analytics. The market research firm noted that a general consumer confidence upswing has proceeded through the past year even if the path has zigzagged from month to month.

The June confidence figure also is considerably higher than it has been since the Great Recession began, suggesting that consumers are shaking off what Prosper characterizes as a post-downturn “curse” that limited what consumers were willing to do. Consumers still are focused on practical purchasing and focusing on what they need rather than what they want, but those trends have gradually, and slightly, weakened since last summer, again zigzagging their way along, the market research firm indicated.