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Riedel Crystal Appoints Maximilian Riedel President

Maximilian Riedel will become president of Riedel Crystal effective July 1. Georg Riedel will remain owner and advisor, according to the company.

Maximilian Riedel will become the 11th generation family member to lead the heritage crystal house.

Georg Riedel said,  “As owner, I will remain associated with the company. I am proud of my son, who has expanded Riedel’s North American operations with exceptional success, significantly contributing to the company’s growth through his extraordinary talent and creativity.”

Georg Riedel’s daughter, Laetizia Riedel-Röthlisberger will assist her brother in her capacity as corporate lawyer and brand ambassador.

Maximilan Riedel said of his slated position: “I’m proud to follow in the footsteps of my father and build upon his successes. My vision is to strengthen the core European market, to expand our China subsidiary and to open new markets in Latin America within the next three years.”