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Sitram Taps Frieling For U.S. Distribution Of New Pressure Cooker

Sitram, a French stainless steel cookware manufacturer, has teamed up with U.S. distributor Frieling to bring its newest pressure cooker model to the United States. The Sitram Pressure Cooker with Timer is safe and is designed for convenience and ease of use, the company said.

The Sitram Pressure Cooker with Timer features a smooth rim that allows consumers to place the lid on the pot in any direction. The lid then securely snaps closed with two large brackets at any point; there is no need to worry about perfect alignment, according to the company. Rotating the mid-section of the handle a quarter turn is all it takes to open and close the cooker. Five additional safety measures ensure that the Sitram pressure cooker is designed not to open when the internal pressure is greater than that of the atmosphere, the company said. A removable timer allows the at-home chef to monitor progress without having to stay in the kitchen.

Dishwasher safe (with the exception of the timer), the Sitram pressure cooker with timer features a three-ply stainless steel bottom and a 15-year warranty.The Sitram Pressure Cooker with Timer is available in three sizes: 6.5 qt. (MSRP $224), 8.5 qt. (MSRP $263) and 10.5 qt. (MSRP $280).